ChanPhala Foundation is the combination of Chansouda (wife)& Phalakone (husband) when they first asked their wedding guests to bring education materials to the students in 2017.

But it all started with Phalakone’s father who started renovating this hometown school in Ban Son Song Tay village with his own funds by creating a book to learn the Lao language. Every occasion his dad went back to his hometown was an opportunity bring "a little something" to the village.

Phalakone and Chansouda both with a Lao background and born in France and met in Canada. 

October 2017, they asked their wedding guest composed mainly of friends and family to bring any school materials in order to donate to Ban Song Tay school.

All the guests coming from France, Canada, Singapour, USA and Australia all made the efforts to bring a little something.

Once the wedding passed, Phalakone, Chansouda and few friends were to meet the students.

The LITTLE SOMETHING MEANT A LOT… LIKE A LOT for those young students

Phalakone described this scene as giving them a pen was like giving them a gold opportunity, seeing their smile, excitement and joy on the face.

Phalakone and Chansouda were then shocked that the world is so different from a country to another.

Phalakone’s friend daughter even said to her own sisters “looks girls, we have an unfair chance to be able to go to school easily in France while they are just asking for it here .. please take this memory back home and realize that school is privilege for us French people”.

During this short trip, Phalakone and Chansouda gave a quick English course, ALL the kids from 5 to 15 came at Phalakone’ father home to learn the A.B.C…

Phalakone and Chansouda promised they will come back for more….which they did in 2019

As promised, they actually came back 14 months later with the idea to spend as much as time as they could during their visit in Luang Prabang.

For an entire week, Phalakone and Chansouda decided to teach English every day to the students.

That was the start of Chanphala Foundation because a little something meant a lot.

Going back to Canada, Phalakone and Chansouda made the decision to have impact and funds to provide an experience to all those kids…

“They can’t know what they don’t know or what they don’t see.”

Bringing people with different experience teaches them to have a bigger vision and think out of the box.


  • Education is a right, not a privilege
  • Provide a new perspective of the world to young rural students that only see rice fields.
  • Provide volunteer experience to western people to share their knowledges to those students.

Doing the right things,
at the right time